Business Plan Reporting -
Due: January 23, 2019


  • Double-spaced on 8 ½ X 11 paper. Typed in a professional font. (Arial, Calibri, Cambria, other) and body of text must be size 12.

  • Minimum of two (2) pages and maximum of Twelve(12) for the Text portion of the Report.

  • Up to an additional ten pages (10) for Appendices (to include diagrams, charts, and photographs).

  • Total project report Maximum 24 Pages (12 for Introduction, Business Plan, Description, & Summary) (1 for cover page, 1 for Table of Contents, 10 for Appendices).

  • The provided Project Report Cover Page must be included.

  • The Report must contain the following sections, with each section clearly identified.



The purpose of the written Project Report is to “tell the story” of the Team’s Business Plan Project.

The Introduction should be a brief statement of “why“, and “how” the Project started. This should include a description  of how the specific Problem was identified/selected.

The introduction is extremely important as it provides the foundation for the remainder of the story. Your Team may want to consider the following questions when developing their introduction:

  • How and why was the Problem/Opportunity for the Business Plan selected?

  • Were educational objectives established for the Plan? If so, what were they?

  • To what degree were the Team Members involved in planning the Business Plan and Site Profile?



Include all of the areas researched in the development of your business plan:

  • Problem

  • Solution

  • Customer

  • Industry

  • Competition

  • Marketing

  • Growth

  • Team

  • Finances

As well as include an Operations section (placed after Competition and before Marketing). In the Operation section, describe the site and facility for your company, and what information contributed to these decisions.

Explain how you will acquire the supplies needed (what supplier relationships have you developed). Also explain how the product  will be manufactured. Explain your staffing needs.


3. DESCRIPTION of the activities and goals (Including one (1) picture of each activity).

This section of the report should show students actively engaged in the creation/development of the Business Plan(s). Because of the variety of activities in the Model’s development, these student activities can range from:

  • Planning Sessions

  • Information Gathering/Research Activities

  • Site Visits

  • Various stages of Model construction

  • As well as any other activity involved from start to finish

The most important thing about this section is to show what the students actually “DID” as a result of their participation in the concept creation, project development and construction, as well as all activities involved in preparing the Business for Opening Day.

CEDAR is interested in seeing a variety of meaningful student activities, but only needs to see a glimpse of them and not an entire picture, therefore one photograph of each activity performed in the creation, development and construction of the Business Plan and Site Profile should be included with the report. 

  • Be sure to include the activities that were most meaningful?

  • The Description of activities needs to show a clear relationship to the educational goals of the project and the development of the Business Plan.



Every story needs a conclusion or summary, and this is especially true of your Business Plan.  This section should provide information on the overall success of the creation, development and construction of your Business Plan and Site Profile through an examination/evaluation to determine if the educational and project goals were met. 

This examination of the Plan’s success should be conducted by the Coach and Team Members.  This component of the Report  should include the measure of success of the overall project, which can be determined, partially or in whole, by the goals and activities established at the beginning. A comprehensive evaluation can be achieved by answering the following questions: 

  • Were the educational goals of the Project accomplished?

  • What, if anything, was not accomplished? Why?

  • How was the Project evaluated? (i.e. Coach’s observation, completion of educational objectives and activities; Team Member evaluation, such as paper and pencil tests, performance events, open-response questions, community and/or parental input; surveys, etc.)

  • Did the Team Members have an opportunity to evaluate the Plan? If so, were their comments favorable? If not, did they have an opportunity to make suggestions for improvements?