Project Guidelines


Through investigation, identify a Specific Need or Opportunity that could increase the over-all quality-of-life in your area or community through a business enterprise.

Create a Business Proposal that will address the need or opportunity, providing a significant benefit for the community, including a Business Plan outlining how the business will be established and operated, including how it will address the need/opportunity.

The location of the proposed business must be on a previously mined site that is either abandoned, with/without existing infrastructure, or has been reclaimed, both of which are currently lying dormant with no existing productive/useful activity.



(by owner/operating company)


A profile of the selected abandoned or reclaimed mine site needs to be established through research and investigation, i.e. personal interviews, internet research, a search of local/state records, and any other means practical.

Knowing that in some cases it will not be practical/possible to determine exact quantifiable data, therefore best estimates for such will be acceptable.

For any of the below where no, or limited information is available, documentation of such efforts to obtain such information will be credited in the scoring for the awards program. A reference to source/sources for all submitted information is required.

Ownership (operating company name/names and year/years of ownership); 

Production (by year or total by operating company); 

Production type (Surface – mountaintop/contour)(Underground – drift/slope/shaft) (Auger); 

Product (type/types of coal, i.e. steam/metallurgical); 

Customers (identify specific end users and specific type of use); 

Employment (number of employees by year or annual average); 

Payroll (annual payroll during various periods of time); 

Taxes paid (local/state/severance, et al); 

Community involvement, acts of philanthropy; 

Any special awards/recognition received by operating company/companies relative to their operation of the site;

Any other pertinent information that would be important or of interest.