Site Profile Reporting -
Due: October 30, 2019

Submit Site Profile to: [email protected]


  • Double-spaced on 8 ½ X 11 paper. Typed in a professional font. (Arial, Calibri, Cambria, other) and body of text must be size 12.

  • Minimum of two (2) pages and maximum of six (6). (Not including the cover sheet or pages with photographs).

  • The provided Project Report Cover Page must be included.

  • The Report must contain the following sections, with each section clearly identified.

  • Submit Site Profile to: [email protected]



The purpose of the written summary is to “tell the story” of the Selected Site. The Introduction should be a brief statement of “how“, and “why” the Site was selected.

This should include a description of how the Site was identified and why it was selected relative to identifying the pros and cons as they relate to your planned activity on the Site.

The introduction is extremely important as it provides the foundation for the remainder of the story about your proposed project, including the subsequent development of your Business Plan.

Your Team may want to consider the following questions when developing their introduction:

  • What were the deciding factors in choosing the Selected Site over any others that might have been considered?

  • What were some of the environmental concerns you considered when selecting your site?

  • What are the positive or negative environmental conditions that will be beneficial or a potential hindrance to your business.

  • Were educational objectives established for the selection process? If so, what were they?

  • To what degree were the Team Members involved in the selection process?


2. DESCRIPTION of the Activities Involved in the Selection Process (Including one (1) picture of each activity)

This section of the report should show students actively engaged in the identification of available Sites, and the process involved in reaching the final decision to choose the Selected Site. Because of the variety of activity that could occur during this process, the student activities could range from: planning sessions; information gathering/research activities; site visits; meetings; interviews;

The most important thing about this section is to show what the students actually “DID” as a result of their participation in the Site Selection process. CEDAR is interested in seeing a variety of meaningful student activities, but only needs to see a glimpse of them and not an entire picture, therefore one photograph of each activity performed in the selection process should be included with the report. 



This section should provide information on benefits that your Business Site provided the surrounding community through its previous mining activities. This could also be expanded to include benefits provided on a larger scale, such as: county, region, state, nation, or even foreign countries where their coal might have been shipped to produce electricity, steel, or other manufacturing goods, or other purposes.

Following are some suggested areas to use in developing the profile of your site. Since your ability to provide exact quantifiable data will be limited in some of the areas, best estimates will be accepted, and for those areas where estimates are not available, any documented efforts made in gathering such data will be credited in the judges scoring of your report. In order to receive points in the scoring, the sources of ALL information provided must be documented.

  • Ownership (operating company name/names and year/years of ownership);

  • Production (by year or total by operating company);

  • Production type (Surface – mountaintop/contour)(Underground – drift/slope/shaft) (Auger);

  • Product (type/types of coal, i.e. steam/metallurgical);

  • Customers (identify specific end users and specific type of use);

  • Employment (number of employees by year or annual average);

  • Payroll (annual payroll during various periods of time);

  • Taxes paid (local/state/severance, et al);

  • Community involvement, acts of philanthropy;

  • Any special awards/recognition received by operating company relative to their operation of the site;

  • Any other pertinent information that would be important or of interest.

Since your Selected Site will be a very important part of your overall project and will account for 1/3 of your final score. It is suggested that you get-to-know your Site as best you can and report it accordingly.

The teams advancing to the Regional Challenge will be required to create a Physical Model of their Site, which will include any structures involving their business.

The first part of each teams’ presentation at the Regional Challenge will be the Site Profile part, so a working knowledge of your Site will very important for your teams’ overall success in the program