Student Awards Program

Regional Challenge - Paid on Team Basis

In order to properly recognize and award students, on a team basis, distinguishing themselves in the ECLRP program, the following will be awarded at the Regional Challenge based on the weighted average of the following scores:

Cash awards will be issued to individual team members as follows:

Team (Students):

  1. First Place $1,000 per team member ($5,000 team maximum)

  2. Second Place $700 per team member($3,500 team maximum)

  3. Third Place $400 per team member ($2,000 team maximum)

Team Awards (Trophies):

  1. Site Remediation Award (Click here to view form)

  2. Business Plan - TBD

  3. Physical Model/Prototype - TBD

  4. Overall Presentation - TBD


Click here to download & print rubric

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Click here to download & print scoring rubric

Student teams are encouraged to investigate and research ways to re-purpose abandoned mined lands, and/or reclaimed mined lands that could provide economic stimulation to our region.

Each team is asked to present an elevator pitch that describes their business, product or service in a compelling and concise way.  It is called a ‘elevator pitch’ because it addresses the question, “How would you explain your business if fate placed you in an elevator and you only had the time it takes to get from the first to the top floor –about 60-75 seconds?”  A good elevator pitch is one that captures the listener’s attention quickly, is persuasive, excites interest and answers the following questions:

  • What is your company’s product and service?

  • What sets your company apart from the competition?

  • Why you? What makes your team and strategic partners qualified to get the job done?

  • What is the opportunity for an investor?

Guidelines for Business Plan

  • Use the rubric/score sheet for specific elements to be included in your presentation.

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