Our Purpose

To engage high school students to identify either an abandoned or reclaimed mine site, then through investigation and research, propose a new use and business model for the development of such use of the site, that would provide employment opportunities through a business enterprise, as well as adding value to the quality of life for the residents of the area.


Program Area

The following (4) KCTCS colleges will be invited to select, for participation in the ECLRP Program, (1) High School in each of the following counties located within their respective market area.

Due to the program area size there will be a series of (3) Topic Specific Workshops with each being held on (2) different dates and locations.

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Ashland Community & Technical College

  1. Boyd
  2. Carter
  3. Elliott
  4. Greenup
  5. Lawrence

Big Sandy Community & Technical College

  1. Floyd
  2. Johnson
  3. Magoffin
  4. Martin
  5. Pike

Hazard Community & Technical College

  1. Breathitt
  2. Knott
  3. Lee
  4. Leslie
  5. Owsley
  6. Perry
  7. Wolfe

Southeast Community & Technical College

  1. Bell
  2. Harland
  3. Knox
  4. Letcher

Alice Lloyd College Invited to choose up to (4) high schools from within the above (21) county area.

University of Pikeville Invited to choose up to (4) high schools from within the above (21) county area.

At-Large Teams This would include any high school wishing to apply for participation that is not located in any of the proposed (21) counties, as listed above.


The ECLRP Program Includes 3 Phases

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+ Phase 1

  • August 3rd - Video Posted on website relative to the following:
    1. Recruitment of team suggestions, with a minimum of (2) and maximum of (5) members;
    2. Tips on team's selection of business idea.
  • September 24th & 26thIntroductory Workshop to present overview of program with a focus on the following:
    1. Demonstratiion on locating, identifying and selecting a previously mined site on which to locate the team's proposed business.
    2. Developing the "Site Profile Report";
    3. Short-term instructions. (5.1/4.6 weeks)
  • October 4th -Selected Site's Coordinates Due to [email protected]
  • October 18th - Team Application Form Due Online at

(The team members reported on this form cannot be changed throughout the remainder of the program. If a member drops-out they cannot be replaced on the official roster, which will be used in case the team qualifies for a cash award.)

  • October 18th - Project Outline Due Online at
  • October 30th - Site Profile Report Due; (1.2 weeks)
  • November 8th - Qualifying Notification to coaches relative to continued program participation for all teams attaining the minimum threshold of 75% score of points possible on site profile report. Teams scoring less than 75% will be disqualified for further participation; (1.4/1.6 weeks)

+ Phase 2

  • November 19th & 21st - Workshop focusing on Business Plan Development; (9.2/9.0 WEEKS)
  • February 1stRegional Qualifying Notification to coaches relative to continue program participation for top 12 teams (regardless of location), attaining the minimum threshold of 75% score of points on the Business Plan/Model Report; (3.0/4.0 days to Physical Model Workshop) (5.5 weeks to Regional Challenge)

+ Phase 3

  • March 12th – Team Presentations will be divided into the following two sections:

    1. Site Profile – Will include important and interesting facts about their site, relative to its importance to the community/region during the years of its mining activity. This section will include presentation of the physical model relative to the site and physical plant part of their proposed business;

    2. Business Plan/Model – Will include description of Business Plan from conception of idea through to opening day of business. This will also include presentation of any product prototype.


ECLRP Program Calendar